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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does private design cost?

It really depends on the specific needs of your business. 

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who just needed a one-page site with a contact form. 

I’ve also built sites for car dealerships that needed a full-featured car database search and filtering system. 

Restaurants may be more interested in online menu access and online-ordering. 

Life coaches need online appointment booking systems. 

Each of these business-specific features adds a level of complexity to the site design that is reflected in the project estimate.  My rates are highly competitive, and offer a tremendous value over “do-it-yourself” sites.

Couldn't I just design it myself?

You absolutely could!  And many of our clients get in touch with us because they’ve already started on their own, got overwhelmed, and realized that they needed a little (or a lot of) assistance.

The majority of our clients place a huge value on the time it would take to design their web presence by themselves.  Time that could be spent actually doing what they do best, their business! 

Rather than trying to do it all, they prefer to stick to their strengths, and let us handle the technical stuff.

You're just one person?

For the most part, yes.  But you could also think of me as a design contractor that has access to a team of specialists:  Content producers, writers, site design experts, and more, at your service.

My clients love having a single point of contact and not having to call an 800 number to talk to a random person every time they need personalized assistance.

What payments do you accept?

Credit & debit cards are standard.  We can also set up convenient automatic billing for subscription services or payment plans.  We also accept many other forms of digital payments, in worldwide currencies!  So no matter where you are, you can easily make deposits for your services.

Who is private design for?

Private design provides a huge advantage for small businesses and entrepreneurs:  Especially lone-wolf business owners who appreciate having a single point of contact for all their online design and branding needs. 

I have access to all the same resources as most large design agencies, available at a much more accessible cost to benefit ratio with more personalized attention than big companies.

What if I have no ideas or content?

Every artist knows that a blank canvas is the foundation for infinite possibilities.  Conversation and thoughtful questions will help us to find the best way to represent your business and brand.

No content? No problem. We can create all kinds of visual content, and the text to go with it.  If you live within our east coast service areas, we can come to you to create original photo and video content featuring your business.  This is a supremely valuable service for local business promotion!

What happens at the end of my project?

Websites: Most project quotes cover the initial drafting, setup, design and implementation of your site, along with hosting (web storage for your website) for 1-3 years.

If you’re completely satisfied with your site as-is and it will need little to no updating on a regular basis going forward, then you are given the private access details to your site and some instruction on how to update some portions of your site if desired.

Keeping your hosting subscription active before expiration is your responsibility, although I will send you an automatic reminder well in advance of any due dates, and help you to pay it on time if needed.

Branding: All design files and unlimited usage license are given to you, to use wherever and however you please.  If content creation service is used, you also receive the usage release of that content.


What if I need your help later on?

My skills are available for hire after your project completion on an hourly basis as needed.  Quotes are always free for additional work, and prices remain very competitive.

At project end, you are also given a list of references to trusted associates that can help you in the event that I am temporarily unavailable to assist personally.

If you need a web or branding designer on an ongoing basis, independent contractor subscription services are available for priority service.

What else do you do?

I drink fancy coffee and shoot weddings!

I have other questions!

Of course you do!  And I welcome each and every one of them.  You’re encouraged to ask questions throughout the entire process, and beyond.  If you can think it, it’s possible!